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The International Distant Learning Program is an extension of the Washington Baptist Theological Seminary. The course study is tailored for Africa's Church and Ministry community, including Kenya, Tanzania, Nigeria, Liberia, Uganda, Rwanda, Congo, and South Africa. Expansion opportunities to Santo Domingo Dominican Republic, Havana Cuba, Porte-au-Prince Haiti, and Jamaica West Indies

This program, as outlined, is approved by the Higher Christian Education in the countries where this program is offered (Certificate, Diploma & Masters) and the curriculum as outlined in the standard structure.

Class sessions will utilize video conference technology via the internet (where possible) or access to prerecorded voice sessions until such technology is coordinated at both ends. Along with study notes and outlines provided by the instructor, at each session (if possible), there will be an instructor on-site to answer any questions that the student may have. The students will prepare the required papers and submit them electronically. The documents will be reviewed by the faculty here in the USA and respond accordingly to the students. Students that successfully complete the modules as outlined will be awarded the appropriate Certificate, Diploma, and or Masters Degree.

Biblical Studies 1 – Certificate I - 5 Credit hours
This program provides a bird's eye view of the entire Old Testament, including the pre-Genesis one and the antediluvian period. Emphasis will be placed on how the various books of the Bible correlate, thus providing a historical perspective and laying a foundation for interpreting the scriptures.

Biblical Studies II – Certificate II - 10 Credit hours
This program teaches the basic theme and general content of New Testament books, showing the relationships among books, placing them in a historical and geographical context. It presents the teachings of Christ and the Apostles of the early church. A defense of the Gospel and "A Glance" at Revelation and Bible Prophecy today.

Advanced Diploma – Certificate I and II - 15 Credit Hours

Pastors Diploma (Pastors Only) - 15 Credit Hours
Defense of the Gospel, Bibliology, Ethics, Merging Family & Ministry, Counseling Overview, Conflicts in Ministry, Multiple view of Biblical Interpretation, Sermon Construction.

Master of Arts Biblical Studies – 30 Credit Hours
Prerequisite – Advanced Diploma (Certificate I & II) or must provide Certificate or Diploma of Lower Education. The program focuses on Leadership in Ministry, Theology of Worship, Spiritual Formation, Bible Doctrine, Theological Divisions, Thesis

Master of Arts Pastoral Theology (Pastors Only) – 30 Credit Hours
Prerequisite - Pastor Diploma or must provide Certificate of Lower Education. The program combines Systematic Theology with a focus on developing pastoral skills. A Practical Theology view of World Religions. Conflict Resolution, Biblical Interpretations, Spiritual Formation, Sermon Construction, Thesis.

Certificate - Ministry & Money Management2 credit hours - Understanding Financial Reports

Certificate – Ministry & Technology2 credit hours – Expand your ministry reach by optimizing the constantly evolving technology.

Dr. Nate Butler

University of Baltimore – Business Administration, Economics
Baltimore College of Commerce – Accounting
Baltimore School of the Bible - Religion
Trinity Lutheran Bible College – Religion
Eastern Theology Seminary – Doctorate of Ministry

Washington Baptist Theology Seminary
MA Pastoral Theology
Doctorate of Divinity
Advanced Graduate Studies:
University of Wisconsin – Computer Science/ Banking Finance
Capital Bible Seminary – Religion
Cape Coast University – African Studies, Ghana West Africa
Accra University – African Studies, Ghana West Africa
Extensive Background in:
Aeronautical Engineering
Nurse Education
Delegate to the UNEP (United Nations Environmental Program) since 2002

Dr. Angel N Taylor
Assistant Dean

Calvary Christian College
BS. Biblical Studies
Doctorate of Ministry
Washington Baptist Theological Seminary
MA Pastoral Theology
National Business College
Business Administration
Health Certifications
Patient Care
Physical Fitness
Senior Investigative Analyst, Office of Inspector General

Overseer Nigel Allen
Director of Technology

Bachelor of Science – Business Administration - UK
Director of Mass Media Ministries - US
Director of Overseers Missions - JA
CEO – Global Marketing & Design Company – US, EMEA
National Director of Evangelism - UK
Pastoral Appointments – UK, JA, & US
Baltimore County Leadership – Class of 2007 - US
National Overseer – Pastoral Leadership - US
Washington Baptist Theological Seminary
Master of Arts in Pastoral Theology - US

Moses Kipsoo Ronoh
International Studies Coordinator

Regional Telecommunications Engineer, Manager & Project Manager
Southern (Machakos)
North Rift Valley (Eldoret)
Western (Kakamega)
Central Rift Valley (Nakuru)
South Rift Division (Kericho)
Church protocol Officer
Telecommunications and Management -Kenya – KCCT, AFRALTI, KIM, KSPS, Japan, Italy, United Kingdom, Belgium, and Ireland

Redeemed Gospel Church – Nakuru
Protocol & Leadership Officer