mission nakuru

Community Ministry - Menegai Hall in midtown Nakuru

It has been called the dark continent, the Mother land the cradle of humanity. It is rich but some of it's inhabitants live in the most abject poverty imaginable. None-the-less there is beauty every where you look.



Nakuru town is located 160 km North west of Nairobi and is the fourth largest urban center in Kenya after Nairobi, Mombassa and Kisumu. It is situated at an altitude of 1859m above the sea level and it is within the region of the Great Rift Valley whose formation gave rise to a unique natural structure. The town started as a railway station on Kenyan-Uganda railway at the turn of this century. The name 'Nakuru' is derived from Nakurro, the Maasai word meaning a 'dusty place'. The town is located in an environmentally sensitive area. It is sandwiched between Lake Nakuru National Park to the south and the Menengai crater and its associated volcanic landscapes. Further to the North East of the town is the Bahati Escarpment forming the western fridge of the Aberdares Escarpment. Unstable geological zones experiencing frequent local geological faulting characterize the western zone of the town.

In the low-income neighborhoods, environmental hazards are increasing. These areas have inadequate water supply, poor sanitation and garbage is rarely collected. There have been several outbreaks of diseases in these neighborhoods as a result of the deteriorating environmental quality. The area to the west has a geological fault line running through the estates of Kaptembwa and Kwaronda causing soil subsidence in the rainy season resulting in deep gullies. Apart from the poor private housing in Kaptembwa, Kwaronda and other areas, the council public housing is in dire need of attention as it is uneconomically managed and in condition of disrepair. The inter-linkage between urban activities and the need to protect the lake and the park further complicates the planning of the town.

Mission Agenda
Arrive Saturday Night
Go to Nakuru; arrive about midnight – Rift Valley Country Club

Sunday – Church Services
Monday – Safari (Nakuru Park) & Equator
Tuesday – Mission Conference & Outreach
Wednesday – Mission Conference & Outreach
Thursday – Community Day & Eye Glass Clinic
Friday – Field Mission Feed Slum Kids & Outreach
Saturday – Nairobi – Sights & Shopping
Sunday – Redeemed Gospel Church Worship Service
Monday Nairobi – Sights & Shopping - Depart for Airport