Empowerment Mission



AARAMA goes to Kenya – The Healing Continues
Dates – November 29th – December 9th 2019

Kenya Mission Opportunities
This preliminary information is provided to give an overview of the Kenya 2019 Mission Trip.

Date The date for the Mission Trip to Kenya is November 29th – December 9th, 2019

Travel to Kenya
Depart: November 29th – Depart Dulles International Airport, late evening on Friday 11/29/2019
Arrive: November 30th – Arrive Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, late evening on Saturday 11/30/2019

Return To USA
Depart: December 9th – Depart Jomo Kenyatta International Airport, late evening on 12/09/2019
Arrive: December 9th – Arrive Dulles International Airport mid-afternoon on 12/09/2019 (same day due to
time change)

Airline Cost As of the end of November, the airlines had not posted airfares for November 2019, so there is no exact amount for fare at the time of this email. However, as soon as they are posted I will let everyone know right away.

Typically, we use “Fellowship Travel”, an excellent Christian Agency that does not charge passengers a fee for booking. I recommend group travel through this agency for several reasons, i.e. continuity, safety, team passage as group through airports is easier, unexpected airline changes are handled by the agency for the entire group, passing through customs, one person can speak for the entire group, etc.

If persons would prefer to use frequent flyers miles that utilize a different carrier or choose a flight (airport) that is more convenient, that is permissible. However, you must arrive in Nairobi, Kenya within 30 minutes of the group. We board a bus that departs Nairobi to Nakuru for a ride that is approximately 1.5 hours. There is no way an individual easily get a ride if they miss the bus.

In the past, air cost has been $900 to 1,200 (round trip).

Lodging In Nakuru, we stay at the remodeled - Rift Valley Sports Club. The cost is approximately $40 per night / single and $60 per night / double. These prices will be verified by the end of January as we are negotiating with the hotel. The cost includes breakfast. We will stay for 5 nights in Nakuru. http://rvsc.co.ke/

In Nairobi, lodging in the city is much more expensive. We will stay for 3 nights in Nairobi.
1 night – Downtown hotel TBD. The rate could be as high as $150 per night – double.
2 nights – Redeemed Gospel Church Facility. Saturday & Sunday nights. More details to follow.

Transportation Transportation in Kenya is expensive.
 One trip from Nairobi to Nakuru – Saturday, November 30th
 Local transportation in Nakuru for 5 days – December 1st to December 5th
 One trip from Nakuru to Nairobi – December 6th (arrive noon, hotel check in)
 Four days of local transportation in Nairobi – December 6th to December 9th
 One trip to the Nairobi Airport on December 9th

VISA – Required for entry to Kenya. http://www.kenyaembassydc.org/visa.html FYI – The visa application requires information on questions 6, 7 & 8 that is not confirmed for our trip; as soon all details are confirmed they will be forwarded to the team.

Passport – must be valid for at least six (6) months after our return - The passport must be submitted along with the application form.

What will we do?

Ministry – The details and specifics of ministry are still being finalized. There will be preaching and teaching opportunities, conference sessions, assisting with feeding at Orphanages, guided outdoor evangelism, visit the slums and see the dump. We will possibly also have an eyeglass distribution clinic and hospital visitation. Regarding conference participation, if you have a particular area of ministry, we need your involvement (such as, singing, teaching women, leading youth, etc.). Please give these some thought as details will be made available soon.

Other Activities – Sightseeing, Equator, Safari, and Local Shopping

What will this cost me?

Airfare $900 to $1200
Airfare will be approximately $900 - $1200, depending when booked. You will pay your airfare directly to Fellowship Travel or whatever travel arrangement you make independently (see info above “Airline Cost”)

VISA $50
You pay directly to the visa site.

Lodging $600-700
These funds you will pay directly when you check into the hotels. VISA is accepted. The estimated cost could change as rates are negotiated with the hotels.

Food $350
The estimated out-of-pocket cost for dining is approximately $350 for the entire trip, depending on your appetite and eating habits. This is money that you will pay directly to the food establishments. Breakfast is included at the hotel in Nakuru. Other meals are on your own.

Transportation $300
The transportation fee must be paid prior to leaving the USA. It is non-refundable and includes costs for security.

In-Country Help $125
All travelers will donate a non-refundable amount of $125 to cover costs of the mission work in Kenya. Must be paid prior to leaving the USA.

TOTAL Estimate on the “HIGH” side is $2,700 per person.

Everyone including the trip hosts pay the same amount. We are working diligently to negotiate lower costs to make it as affordable as possible for everyone. All costs should be confirmed by March 2019. Shipping items to Kenya before we leave! This is really good news…
You can ship a 77 Gallon barrel directly to Kenya (door to door) for $310. The company is TITAN IMPLEX LLC – 32 George Street, Spotswood, New Jersey 08884. www.titanimpexshipping.com .

It takes up to 90 days for the barrel to be received. You can pack as much as you get in the barrel. Weight is not a challenge. They need school supplies badly, i.e. ruled paper, pencils, books and any supplies for an elementary school level. Of course, clothes and shoes are good as well, and eyeglasses (reading). We could use about 800 pair at all levels. Dollar store, optometrist, eye class stores, clinics, and individuals are good sources to donate glasses.

I suggest the barrels be shipped by June 2019 to ensure delivery by the time we arrive.

SO … let’s begin planning and be in prayer. If you have any questions, please let me know.

Nate Butler
AARAMA Director