Environmental Issues plague major areas of the globe. The need for fresh water and clean air are becoming more and more apparent. While some take it for granted that when they turn on the tap the water that comes out will be palatable. You shouldn’t have to ware a mask to breath the air but in some places it isn’t safe for you to do otherwise.

The diagnosis of respiratory issues in children as well as adults has increased exponentially over the last decade. Some countries don't even have emissions regulations. Unregulated trash disposal releases medical and industrial waste right in to heavily populated areas.

In places like Kenya, there are no regulations governing air or water quality control. The AARAMA organization seeks to enlist the support of governments, and other ecological organizations to facilitate change in those locations where environmental issues are an ever present reminder of the human condition.

In concert with the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) Mission UNEP aims at catalyzing action to protect the environment through enhanced engagement and collaboration with the multitude of major groups actors who share the same purpose around the world. This strategy is based on engagement at the policy level to take into account major groups expertise and views at the intergovernmental level, and on the programmatic level in implementation of UNEP's work programme. www.unep.org/civil-society

Pastor Butler serves on the Global Policy Committee (GPC) for the New Psalmist Baptist Church; the only church to receive an accreditation as a Non-Government, Faith Based Organization to participate at the UNEP Policy Level. The GPC have designated seats at the UNEP meetings and offer / have effective input that ultimately reflects environmental change and policy.

Our Objective as a committee is to:
Provide a voice for the empowerment of the disenfranchised
Alleviate human suffering
Build individual and institutional capacity
Ensure safeguards for human dignity
Be good stalwarts of the earth
United Nations Environmental Programme