Pastor Nate Butler - Executive Director
United Nations Environment Program - Global Policy Committee

Each year since 2006, the opportunity has been given to the All Americans Relieving Adversity Ministry Association, (AARAMA) to conduct mission trips to Kenya, East Africa. Beginning in the near future AARAMA plans to expand the ministry to those regions of the world wherever the need arises. We are very excited about this undertaking and our ability to make a difference in the lives of those we touch. With each Mission we grow as human beings and the connection between the families of the world and ourselves becomes increasingly stronger.

Although our mission trips are relatively short, we return home basking in the glow of what has taken place and all that we have gleaned from the experience. We are forever changed by the undertaking and we leave behind us relationships that are bound with cords that can’t be broken.

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Dr. Butler

United Nations Environment Program - Cont'd

We come away with the sure and certain knowledge of how blessed we are to live in a land that allows us the freedom to work and earn a decent life and the ability to provide for our families without the hindrance of governmental and sociological barriers. We know that as members of the AARAMA Team that this challenge comes with tremendous demands, not only personal but financial. We have made the commitment to pay the cost, whatever it is. We realize that we can not do this alone so we are asking for your help.

Sometimes it seems as if what we do is just a drop in the bucket, and maybe in the grand scheme of things it is. But then we are reminded that it is continuing to do what is right that makes the difference, for many drops make great rivers.