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The MAC x Aaliyah Box Set Has Already Sold Out Online

Cheap MAC Makeup Kit The MAC x Aaliyah makeup collection is now live online, but fans hoping to buy the $250 box set in the late R&B star's honor are in for a disappointment: The collector's item is already sold out. The collection went live at 11 a.m. ET, and in a matter of minutes, Aaliyah fans bought all the box sets available from the MAC website. The kit, which is shaped like a pyramid, includes a dozen makeup items, a bandana, and poster of the singer.

MAC Makeup kit Wholesale The good news is that the individual pieces in the collection have not sold out, and tomorrow fans who didn't have a chance to buy the box set online can purchase it in person from MAC stores.

Case in point: If, upon inspecting the collection's eyeshadow palette Age Ain't Nothing, you¡¯re thinking how much the m¨¦lange of gold satin shades and muted brown mattes remind you of the exact look the icon wore in her first video by a similar name, it's because the products practically came straight out of her makeup bag. "My mother has these storage units that she always talks about trying to downsize," says Haughton, recalling sifting through items such as Aaliyah's report cards from the fourth grade. "She actually has my sister's makeup, her lipsticks [in there] still. We were able to grab them and show them to MAC."

The MAC x Aaliyah makeup collection has been years in the making, and MAC Makeup Kit Aaliyah stans deserve the credit for making it happen: A Change petition that asked MAC to release a line commemorating the singer netted more than 26,000 signatures.

The fact that the box set has already sold out online is not surprising given that MAC's tribute to Tejana star Selena sold out when it dropped in 2016. Moreover, nearly 17 years after the singer died in a Bahamas plane crash at 22, the public fascination with the singer remains strong. Current music royalty, like Beyonc¨¦ and Drake, continue to give Aaliyah shout outs. Drake has an Aaliyah tattoo and even wanted to record an album in her honor.

In the days leading up to MAC Makeup kit Wholesale the MAC x Aaliyah drop, there's been plenty of buzz about the makeup collection and how true it will be to the singer. Equal parts goth, glam, and street, Aaliyah is just as hard to define in death as she was in life.